There Will Be No More Taken Movies – Liam Neeson

There Will Be No More Taken Movies – Liam Neeson

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For those expecting to see the kidnap of Bryan Mill’s daughter happen again, well it might not happen.

Liam Neeson disclosed this during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, when the host poised to him if there will be any fourth instalment for Taken.

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He replied saying “there’s a particular limit to which your daughter can be kidnapped. If there will be another movie, then it will be me giving off my daughter to be kidnapped”.

Liam Neeson may not want the movie to make a return, but fans of the movie will always make him remember the movie.

He told a story of a fan, which he encountered in a public toilet which signifies that his famous monologues will haunt him forever.

“I was in the toilet making myself comfortable and this fan was there also making himself comfortable, and you know, when we men are doing this thing we try not to look at each other, we just do our thing looking at the tile,” he said. Then this fan quoted his famous line from Taken: “I will find you.” I just smiled.

He said the mistake he made was turning towards the fan – who, now reached out with his hand to shake his.

We are sure he will be avoiding public restrooms for now…..

You can catch Liam Neeson this holiday period as he will be appearing in Martin Scorsese’s Silence and A Monster Call which also features Felicity Jones. Both movies open on December 23.

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