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I Feel Pretty
I Feel Pretty

Renee Barrett (Schumer) is a young, professional woman who struggles with debilitating feelings of inadequacy about her appearance. She frequently apologizes, and has trouble getting people to pay attention to her or treat her with respect. She works as the website manager for a large cosmetics company called Lily LeClaire; however, she resents that her office is in a basement in Chinatown and not at the corporate Fifth Avenue headquarters. She learns that LeClaire is hiring for a new receptionist, but Renee does not see a point in applying because she does not feel like she is confident or attractive enough to serve as the "face" of LeClaire.

Renee attends a SoulCycle class but falls off her bike and hits her head. Once she regains consciousness, she is unable to see her body as it actually is. Instead, when she looks in the mirror or at photographs of herself, she sees herself as an attractive woman. This head injury gives her a newfound confidence. She becomes instantly happier and more energetic and she is allowing herself to interact with the world differently. She mistakenly believes that a man is hitting on her in a dry cleaner and exchanges numbers with him and she applies for the receptionist position at LeClaire. While being interviewed, she impresses the company's CEO, Avery LeClaire (Williams), with her confidence, and subsequently lands the job. Renee proves herself to be efficient at her job, with Grant LeClaire, Avery's brother, taking notice with how Renee handles herself.

Renee calls Ethan, the man from the dry cleaner, and asks him to go on a date. On their date, Ethan admits to being slightly afraid of Renee. Renee enters a bikini contest at a bar, and he is concerned that she is about to embarrass herself because she is not as thin as the other women in the competition. Renee gets the crowd behind her by making self-deprecating jokes about herself and dancing wildly. Even though she does not win the contest, she tells Ethan that she's okay with that because she knows she is attractive and she doesn't need any external validation. As Ethan and Renee's relationship grows more serious, he admits to having self esteem issues and he tells Renee that he's attracted to her because she knows what makes her awesome instead of focusing on the stuff she doesn't like about herself. They end up having sex at Renee's apartment. As Renee brings water into a meeting at LeClaire, she accidentally drops a blush product, which breaks apart on the floor. As she is picking up all of the pieces, she announces to the room that she can't seem to find the applicator anywhere. Avery tells her that there is no applicator for the product because LeClaire does not usually provide applicators. Renee is surprised upon learning this and Avery inquires why that would surprise her. Renee educates the room that the average woman buying makeup at Target is not going to have high end makeup brushes. Women buying less expensive makeup expect the applicator to come with the product. This is new information to everyone else in the room and Avery is grateful for Renee's insight.

As time goes on, however, Renee's confidence is making her increasingly inconsiderate of others. She was invited to a private work party and decided to bring her two closest friends, Vivian (Bryant) and Jane (Phillips), but Renee ditches them because her coworkers throwing the party would only allow Renee in. She then embarrasses her friends on a group date because she was trying to help them seem attractive and sexy to the men by getting everyone drunk and suggesting they dance provocatively instead of allowing them to have actual conversations. When her friends get angry with her, Renee calls them boring. They tell her she should leave.

One day at work, Avery tells Renee that she frequently feels insecure about how her high pitch voice makes people think she's unintelligent. She then invites Renee to a dinner. Renee arrives at the dinner with Ethan, expecting it to be a large work function when in reality it was an intimate dinner with Avery, Grant and their grandmother Lily LeClaire. Renee hits it off with Lily, whom Avery is attempting to impress so Avery announces that she will bring Renee to Boston to help with the business pitch. Once in Boston, as Renee is practicing her speech for the pitch, Grant comes to her hotel room to order room service, since his room service bill isn't being covered by the LeClaire business. Renee and Grant almost kiss, but Renee pulls away at the last second when she sees a Snapchat message from Ethan. Renee locks herself in the bathroom to separate herself from Grant. She steps into the large glass shower and begins to have a panic attack when Grant shouts something from the other room. As Renee turns to leave the shower, she walks right into the glass door and loses consciousness. This blow to the head undoes the mental distortion she was experiencing about her appearance. Renee wakes up several hours later to learn that what she believes is a physically transformational spell was breaking. She grows so discouraged that she flies back to New York, abandoning Avery at the pitch meeting. She becomes depressed once in New York and she goes to her friends to try to make up, but they are uninterested in spending time with her. She also breaks up with Ethan because she is convinced that he would not find her attractive anymore.

Renee attends another SoulCycle class attempting to recreate the first head injury, but it does not work. In the locker room, she runs into Mallory (Ratajkowski), whom she had met earlier in the movie. Mallory is emotional over a break up and Renee offers her some comfort. Because of how beautiful Mallory is, Renee assumes that Mallory broke up with her boyfriend, but Mallory says that her boyfriend dumped her. Renee is bewildered by this. Mallory then tells Renee that she feels really insecure sometimes, to which Renee responds with comedic anger. Renee starts comparing Mallory's body to her own, pointing out how flawless she believes Mallory to be. She then says she wants "to punch Mallory in her dumb face." Mallory is upset by the word "dumb," calling it triggering because it's an area she feels insecure about. Mallory then ends the conversation because she has to go to a modeling audition at LeClaire, which Renee realizes is probably for the Target makeup line. This concerns Renee because she believes the Target line should use a more ordinary looking woman as their brand ambassador rather than a woman who is as conventionally attractive as Mallory.

Renee devises a plan to crash the launch speech. Once she is on the stage, she begins to tell her story of how she went from conventionally attractive woman to what she looks like now. On a screen behind the stage, she shows the audience what she thinks are before and after photos, but in reality the photos of her look exactly the same. Everyone in the audience is confused by what Renee is telling them. Renee turns around and looks at the photos and realizes that there was never any physical transformation. She then gives a speech about how every person is good enough just the way they are now. The crowd goes wild. The launch is a success. Renee then makes up with Avery, her friends and Ethan after she realizes that "it was her the whole time." The movie ends with her enjoying another SoulCycle class.

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