Films by Netflix Should Not Qualify for Oscar Awards – Steven Spielberg

Films by Netflix Should Not Qualify for Oscar Awards – Steven Spielberg

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Steven Spielberg is drawing the line between films that should be taken in consideration for an Academy Award. In a chat with ITV, the veteran director, while talking about his latest film, Ready Player One, stressed the issue of how filmmakers now prefer to drop their latest works with SVOD businesses rather than dropping it in Cinemas.

Though the reason for this act has been due to lack of finance, which is increasingly becoming a problem in Hollywood. The Sensational director made it known that if a film is committed or made in a television format, then it’s a TV movie and such movies should not be considered for awards.

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He believes that such TV films that are shown for one week at the cinemas should not qualify for Academy Awards.

He also believes that TV will in future pose a great threat to larger cinematic endeavors as they are likely to change the way things are done in the industry. To him, Television production is much more better than they were in the past as they have better writing, better directing, better stories and performances.

He sees the challenge as what happened in the 1950’s where television was able to draw people away from movie theatres and everyone just loved staying at home watching their favourite movies and shows.

So what do you think, will SVOD platforms conquer the cinemas. Drop your comments below.

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