Our 26 Romantic Movies to Help You through Valentine

Romantic movies no doubt will make you cry your eyes out, laugh out loud or squee. In one way or the other, you get all the warm and fuzzies. As Valentine’s Day proceeds here are 26 awesome films to watch while you cuddle your buddy. The Notebook Casting a likable Ryan Gosling and a delectable Rachel McAdams is enough to get you all hooked up with your buddy. The Notebook is a tantalising movie wh...[Read More]

Hologram Style: Celebrities Who Performed As Hologram

  Prince was not a fan of this act and this was probably the reason why Justine Timberlake had to Scrap the use of him for his performance at the Super Bowl. Prince was instead projected on a giant sheet. Michael Phelps is seen here modelling a Speedo Swimsuit alongside a real-life Ryan Lochte, Katie Hoff, Natalie Coughlin, Kate Ziegler, Dara Torres and Amanda Beard. Alexander McQueen 2006 fa...[Read More]

Celebrities Who Are Vegan

Ruby Rose Rose was born in Australia. She is the daughter of Katia Langenheim. She travelled frequently when she was young, living in rural Victoria, Tasmania and Surfers Paradise before finally settling in Melbourne. She won PETA’s vegan celebrity for 2017. Laverne Cox Laverne Cox rose to prominence for her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She is the firs...[Read More]

9 Actors Who Almost Played Batman

Despite the different versions of Superman and Spider-Man seen on big screens, Batman holds the record for the most portrayed superhero in cinema history. Dating back to 1943 when Lewis Wilson first donned the Batman suit to now when Ben Affleck is in charge, ten great actors have played the caped crusader to date. Things would have gone a little interesting if another actor had played Batman at d...[Read More]

DUNDEE Official Trailer

10 Actors Who Should Be the Next Wolverine

With Hugh Jackman done with playing Wolverine, the time has emerged for a new actor to take up the role. Though Fox hasn’t been lucky with its superhero movies, they have had their major success with the Wolverine brand. They know the value of the brand and dropping it off would be like Warner Bros putting Batman on ice. So we ask ourselves, what happens next? Is Fox going to find someone who will...[Read More]

Upcoming Movie Sequels You Never Knew Of

When it comes to the film making business, sequels are very important. They are money spinning enterprise which provides studio with easy cash because they are easily marketable. In many occasions, sequels can bump up to audiences without them knowing. The reason for this is that such sequels do not carry huge marketing power and no pop culture about them. The only way you would know about them is...[Read More]

We Love the Ant-Man & The Wasp Poster

Marvel is kicking things real good this year apart from the fact that they are gearing up for the release of Black Panther, they just put out a beautiful poster for upcoming flick Ant-Man & The Wasp. The trailer, which is garnering lots of attention online is filled with great action, comedy and some delicious Michelle Pfeiffer moment. The poster for the second film is bigger than the first fi...[Read More]

47 Most Tragic Death from Game of Thrones

  ROBERT BARATHEON Last episode: “You Win or You Die” Cause of death: Killed by a wild boar Robert’s death was not the grossest, but we must mention it because his death sets the series in motion. Before his death, he was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Westeros. VISERYS TARGARYEN Last episode: “A Golden Crown” Cause of death: Baptised in molten gold Viserys Targ...[Read More]

Celebrity First Looks For January 2018

The phrase New Year, New Me is often used whenever we cross over to the New Year. We set goals and expectations with high hopes of achieving them. Some might set goals of working out more often, eating healthier and travelling to new places. It’s good to know that it’s not only mortals set these goals, celebs also do. Today we will take a look at how they are achieving these and we will be doing t...[Read More]

Ghanaian Actresses Who Are Hitting It Big In Nollywood

Despite being a small country, Ghana is blessed with lots of talented celebrities. Among these celebrities are their actresses who are making waves in Nollywood. After making their way into Nigeria, they have become a force to reckon with. Check them out below: Nadia Buari The fair skinned actress started featuring in Nollywood in the year 2008. She got her breakthrough in the Nollywood movie “Bey...[Read More]

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