Mr Ibu set to shoot a movie on Xenophobia in South Africa

Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu has said that he plans to shoot a movie highlighting the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Mr Ibu said this while speaking to newsmen in Johannesburg, Vanguard reports. He stated that the movie is currently in pre-production, and the script is being written by “gifted individuals.” The actor said the movie will star actors from different cou...[Read More]

‘Deadpool’ Actor Ed Skrein Joining ‘Hellboy’ Reboot

Ed Skrein, who played the villain in Deadpool, has joined the cast of Lionsgate and Millennium’s Hellboy reboot. David Harbour is toplining as the demonic hero from the Mike Mignola comic books in a new feature that is being directed by Game of Thrones helmer Neil Marshall. Ian McShane is already cast as the hero’s adoptive father, while Milla Jovovich is playing the villainess, a medieval sorcere...[Read More]

Wonder Woman 2 Gets December 2019 Release Date

Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters in December 2019, with Gal Gadot to return and Patty Jenkins in negotiations to direct. Warner Bros. officially launched the DC Extended Universe last spring with the debut of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though it wasn’t a hit with critics and inspired a divisive reaction among fans, there were certain elements that excited fans a...[Read More]

Reason Why Thor Uses A Gun In Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has explained why he decided to have Thor (Chris Hemsworth) use a gun – an unusual weapon for an actual God – saying that it is all rooted in the idea of stripping Thor of every advantage he has and thrusting him into the battle arena, without his trusty hammer. We already know that the Asgardian Prince will lose Mjolnir during Ragnarok thanks to Hela (Cate Bl...[Read More]

‘Black Panther,’ ‘Thor’ Casts Unite for First Marvel Family Photo

About 30 minutes before the stars of Disney’s and Marvel’s Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok took to the Hall H stage at Comic-Con on Saturday, the worlds of Asgard and Wakanda collided backstage for the first-ever Marvel family photo of the two casts. Nineteen members of the Marvel universe — led by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige — posed for The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusi...[Read More]

The Ten Most Underrated Movies of 2017 So Far

“Underrated” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Usually, it’s at the whim of somebody desperate to let the world know that they thought a particularly hated upon movie was worth a lot more than the critics and general audiences gave it credit for – that they’ve seen something in it that others supposedly haven’t. In the age of Rotten Tomatoes sc...[Read More]

Stuffs You Probably Didn’t Know About The Death Star

The DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, known to a terrified and awestruck galaxy as the Death Star, is a moon-sized plot device so awesome it’s been the centrepiece of three Star Wars movies and has entered the English language as a synonym for anything huge, impervious and devastating. Part of its appeal is that it’s not just a big honkin’ space gun – it’s also a setting f...[Read More]

12 Times Extras Ruined Great Movies

As has been established a couple of times already round these parts, Hollywood has something of a problem with Extras. Despite the fact that thousands of films have been made in the past hundred years, and almost all of them hiring real life non-acting people to fill in the background, there doesn’t seem to be a fool-proof method for making sure they’re as tightly controlled as the mai...[Read More]

How John Boyega Got Mentored By Robert Downey Jr

John Boyega recently shared how Robert Downey Jr. helped him prepare himself for the fame onslaught before Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens rolled out in 2015. At that time, the British actor was not yet a household name, but already had a slew of small roles both on the big and small screen. Downey Jr., on the other hand, has been flying high and enjoying tremendous career success as th...[Read More]

5 Tim Burton Films That Wasted Their Potential

With a career spanning four decades, amounting an impressive filmography of eighteen varying movies, Tim Burton is one of the most unique and creative talents to emerge in Hollywood in the past thirty years. Possessing a rich background as an artist and animator, his gothic visual sensibilities, preference for quirky stories and overall originality has resulted in mass appeal as a filmmaker. A tru...[Read More]

10 Pixar Heroines Feminist Characters Who Are Underrated

Pixar is no slouches when it comes to providing likeable and strong-minded female characters in their acclaimed features. They may possess antennae, scales, or windshields but they’re still remarkable representations of their gender. Unfortunately, in the glowing popularity of guys like Woody and Buzz Lightyear, or Mike and Sully, the influence of the Pixar ladies receives a Luxo Junior-size...[Read More]

10 Female Actress Who Went Bald for Movie Roles

Hair — do you ever stop to wonder why we value it so much? It’s literally just keratin and dead skin cells hanging off our head. Yet it somehow possesses the power to make us weep, to feel both ugly and beautiful, and to hand over countless dollars for the sake of its upkeep. Which is why when a Hollywood actress shaves her head in the name of art, it’s a pretty big deal. In the past, haircuts hav...[Read More]

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