Top 5 Eminent Superhero Couples

Next to all the essential exploit, high stakes and general caped battling, the love story element isn’t high on the list of significant integral parts. As such, depicting a stout central bond that the audience can’t get after. Nevertheless, some comic book movies do really manage to get flashes flying between their male and female leads. From The Incredibles to Xmen, and from Iron Man to Suicide S...[Read More]

6 Comic Book Movies That Transformed The Game

Iron Man By means of being the leading real building block of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is an immensely key film and a game-changing comic book movie for several reasons. For one, it re-introduced the world to Robert Downey Jr., who is an outright revelation as Tony Stark. He holds every single scene and is a pleasure watching him. data-ad-layout-key="-fg+5n+6t-e7+r" data-ad-client="...[Read More]

7 Best Movies Of All Time We’ll Never Watch Again

There are lots of movies in the world, but only a hand-picked few stand out from the cinematic pack. These are the “splendid movies,” the ones that stand the test of time, revolutionize the game and dash hearts everywhere. But let’s be frank. Not all awesome movie is Star Wars, Rocky, or Pulp Fiction — films that are enormously rewatchable. Some great movies are categorically wor...[Read More]

Iconic Movie Characters – 13 Iconic Roles Almost Played by Other Actors

Today we bring to you 13 iconic movie characters in superb movies and actors who almost got the role. Grab your popcorn and enjoy our list: Anne Hathaway Nearly Played Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook Harvey Weinstein confirmed in a 2015 interview that Anne Hathaway had been his main selection for the iconic character of Tiffany in “Silver Linings Playbook,” but she spun down the role due to cre...[Read More]

Exemplary Movie Tropes That Are Perturbing Today

As our people advances, the relics of the past become more strikingly outmoded, displaying ideals and principles that are no longer the norm. Movies are a great example — the art form of descriptive film is now more than a century old, parting us with a lengthy account of movies that were unquestionably popular in their time but seem bizarrely out of place today. As current audiences continue to h...[Read More]

Actors Who Disagreed Working Together On Movie Scenes

As any individual who appears to work in a similar place for a long time can confirm pressure with that co-worker who just gets under your skin. All they say and do can be essentially be unavoidable also Hollywood sets are hotbeds for high tempers breaks between co-stars are just the same old thing. On the 1959 Hollywood classic Some Like It Hot Tony Curtis was so irritated by his co-star Marilyn ...[Read More]

Miles Teller Set to Play Goose’s Son In Top Gun: Maverick

Get your seat belt strapped, begin honing your thoughts and prepare for a spectacular montage, since we have learned that Paramount and Skydance have thrown Miles Teller (WHIPLASH, FANTASTIC FOUR) as the child of Goose and Maverick’s new protégé in TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Prior to the news of Teller’s snatching the role, Cruise is said to have screen tried with Teller, Glen Powell and Nicho...[Read More]

Fantastic Four Coming Back To Marvel Comics This Summer

After several years of absence, Fantastic Four is comng back to the publishing arm of Marvel Entertainment. Editor-in-Chief for Marvel C.B. Cebluski confirmed the return of the studio’s first family and he also made it known their return will be helmed by Guardians of the Galaxy artist Sara Pichell and Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer scribe Dan Slott. Fantastic. #Marve...[Read More]

Dwayne Johnson Drops New Poster for Rampage

Yesterday, mega star Dwayne Johnson took to his twitter account to share a Kaiju-inspired poster for Rampage. From the poster we see all three creatures displaying their ferocious fangs and this has kept us salivating for us to meet George (the gorilla), Ralph (the wolf), and Lizzie (the crocodile) when the film finally drops. See his tweet below:   🔥Check this exclusive bad ass Kaiju inspire...[Read More]

Emily Blunt Talks Edge of Tomorrow 2

Despite a lukewarm performance for the first Edge of Tomorrow, a sequel is currently underway. This was made possible thanks to the positive reception and the passion of the cast and crew of Edge of Tomorrow. Emily Blunt while speaking to IndieWire confirmed that a script is in the works and production will start soonest. Production for the sequel could have begun last year, but was stalled becaus...[Read More]

First Look from AL Capone Biopic

If there is someone you don’t want to mess with, it’s Al Capone. The biopic of the notorious gangster, which is titled Fonzo is expected out this year and we are super excited that Tom Hardy will be playing him. Hardy, who appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, Bronson and more and known for playing deep gritty and tough characters will bring his A game to play. data-ad-layout-key="-fg+5n+6...[Read More]

Production for Stranger Things 3 Starts This Month

Stranger Things 2 was really dope, it’s probably one of the best series on Netflix and we are looking forward to season 3. Season 2 was much better than season 1, and we are already counting down to when season 3 will hit the streaming giant. Dan Steve is expected back and the season takes place a year after the second season, during the summer of 1985. data-ad-layout-key="-fg+5n+6t-e7+r" data-ad-...[Read More]

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