A Quiet Place



A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place

In the year 2020, Earth has been overrun by sightless, predatory creatures with extremely sensitive hearing (who seemingly use echolocation to hunt humans and other prey). The Abbott family scavenge the local town for supplies, remaining as silent as possible and communicating solely through sign language. The youngest of the three children, Beau, wants a toy rocket, but his father, Lee, takes the toy and sets it back down, removing the batteries, warning him that the sounds the toy makes are too loud. Behind her father's back, however, Regan, Beau's deaf older sister, returns the toy to Beau, who compounds the mistake by grabbing the batteries on his way out of the store. As the family walks home, Beau turns on the toy rocket, the sound of which attracts the attention of one of the creatures, which sprints through the forest undergrowth and slaughters Beau.

A year later, following several close calls, the creatures have become aware of the Abbott family's presence. Lee repairs Regan's cochlear implant, boosting the signal with spare radio parts scavenged from the abandoned town, but the device fails to restore her hearing. Despite Lee's repeated demonstrations of support and his insistence that Beau's death was not her fault, tensions develop between Lee and his daughter.

Lee takes his son Marcus outside the farm, leaving Regan behind with Evelyn, his now pregnant wife. He teaches Marcus how to fish with traps, and how the sound of the river's flowing water can mask sounds. Meanwhile, Regan visits her brother's grave, which is where he was killed. During this time, Evelyn goes into labor. While retreating to the safety of the basement, she steps on a nail protruding from the staircase. In agony, she drops a family portrait, alerting the creatures.

Evelyn manages to alert Lee and Marcus, returning home, of the imminent danger by flipping a switch that changes the house's lights from white to red, a visual alert for danger. Though Evelyn fights desperately to remain silent during contractions, she eventually succumbs to the pain and lets out a scream. Her screaming attracts the attention of the creatures. Lee instructs Marcus to create a diversion, which he does by setting off fireworks simultaneous to Evelyn's scream, while Lee returns to Evelyn's side. He finds her and their newborn son hiding in the bathroom, narrowly avoiding another attack while carrying them to the soundproof basement. Evelyn entrusts him to find their other children.

Meanwhile, Regan sees the fireworks going off and runs back to the farm. She and Marcus take refuge atop a grain silo, lighting a fire to alert their father to their whereabouts. Marcus falls into the grain, sinking into it and nearly suffocating, while Regan jumps in after him. They avoid death by clinging to a silo door, which had collapsed into the grain along with Marcus. The children survive a subsequent attack by hiding under the silo door. Regan's repaired cochlear implant reacts to the proximity of the creature by emitting a piercingly loud, high-frequency sound that drives the creature off. Lee eventually finds the children, who escape from the silo through a hole made by the creature.

The creature returns and Lee attacks it with an axe while Marcus and Regan hide in a pickup truck. During the attack, Lee is mortally wounded and Marcus shouts, drawing the creature closer to them. Lee signs to his daughter that he loves her and always had, then he sacrifices himself in order to draw the creature away from the children with a loud shout. Regan and Marcus manage to get away from the creature and reunite with a grieving Evelyn and the baby back at the farm.

Regan, not having been allowed in the basement previously, sees for the first time her father's notes on the creatures and his experimentation with several different implants, as well as radio equipment. As the creature returns to invade the basement, Regan inadvertently discovers the power of the boosted cochlear implant. Placing the implant on a nearby microphone, she is able to utilize the implant as an improvised weapon, magnifying the feedback to ward off the creature. Painfully disoriented, the creature exposes the flesh beneath its armored head, rendering itself vulnerable to a shotgun blast from Evelyn.

Having destroyed one creature, Evelyn and the children observe from the television monitors the remaining two creatures in their area, running towards the farm. With their newly acquired knowledge of the creatures' weakness, the survivors prepare to fight back.

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