47 Meters Down



47 Meters Down
47 Meters Down

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are sisters on vacation in Mexico. Lisa's boyfriend has broken up with her because "she made the relationship boring". Kate cheers Lisa up by going out at 1:00am in the morning. They meet up with some local boys who tell them about cage diving with sharks. Lisa is reluctant but Kate convinces her to come along by mentioning her ex's words.

They arrive the next day at the dock waiting for the boys. Lisa is still worried about this, and Kate reassures her she is going to be fine. The boys arrive and talk to Captain Taylor. The girls follow up and both say they know how to dive even though only Kate knows how to.

They get on the boat, and Captain Taylor baits the sharks. Kate is skeptical about this, but Captain Taylor dimisses it. The boys get in the cage and starts going down. It cuts to a view of the reel of cable, and you can see that part of it is frayed. After the boys cage dive first, it is the girl's turn. While Lisa and Kate are in the cage, the boat winch breaks off of the boat, sending them down to the seafloor bottom at 47 meters. This also takes them out of communication range. Kate swims up to 40 meters to resume communications with Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine) who tells her Javier (Chris J. Johnson) will be coming down with a spare winch to pull them up. He also advises them to stay in the cage as the sharks are all around. Both girls are running out of oxygen quickly, while they wait in the cage until they see a flashlight in the distance. Thinking Javier must not be able to see them, Lisa swims out to get him as Kate's air is lower due to the previous swim. Lisa swims towards the light, low to the ground to avoid shark attacks from the bottom. A shark tries to attack Lisa but she swims into a small alcove to avoid it. Continuing to go towards the light, she comes to a cliff with no bottom in sight.

Swimming over the cliff towards the light she finds the flashlight but no Javier. While looking around, she gets confused on where Kate and the cage are when Javier comes to say get back in the cage as a shark kills him. Lisa swims back to the cage armed with Javier's spear gun, flashlight and the winch to the boat. Lisa swims up and notifies Taylor to pull them up. As he does so, the cable snaps at 29 meters sending them back down to the seafloor. This time, the cage lands on Lisa's leg, pinning her down. Both are extremely low on air.

Kate swims up to tell Taylor they need air and that Lisa is pinned in the cage. He tells her he is sending down some air tanks and the Coast Guard is an hour out. He also warns her that the second tank may cause nitrogen narcosis which can lead to hallucinations. Kate finds the air tanks just as her original tank goes empty. She also finds the three flares for them to use for the Coast Guard.

As she is coming back to deliver Lisa's tank, she is attacked and dragged away by a shark. Lisa, still pinned and running low on air, uses the spear from the spear gun to pull the tank towards her. In the process, she is cut by the spear on the hand. She attaches the new tank and uses her BCD to lift up the cage as it blows up so she can unpin her leg. As she does this, Kate suddenly communicates that she is nearby, being circled by sharks and extremely hurt. Lisa goes to get her, finds her hurt and bleeding profusely. She then decides to make a break for the surface. They use one of three flares to scare the sharks to the 30 meter mark where they must wait five minutes to regulate their blood nitrogen levels to avoid the bends. When the first flare goes out, Kate drops the second by accident. The third and final one is lit just as a shark goes to attack them. There are many sharks around.

Taylor yells to drop their gear and make a break for the surface. They swim as fast as they can to the surface a ways from the boat. Taylor tries flinging out a life preserver for the girls to grab a hold of as the sharks go in for the attack, and grabs both girls. The girls appear back at the surface. As they get to the boat and are being pulled up by the guys, one of the sharks bite Lisa's leg pulling her back down to the water. Lisa fights the shark by hitting it and ripping its eye out, which then the shark releases. She swims up and they pull her and Kate into the boat. As the guys are tending to Lisa and Kate's wounds, Lisa looks at her hand wounded from the spear and the blood seems to be floating like it would underwater.

Lisa is then shown to still be in the cage and pinned, having hallucinated the escape because of the second tank of air. She is found by the Coast Guard divers who rescue her. As she is being lifted up she comes out of her hallucination and cries because Kate is still nowhere to be found. The movie goes to credits just as they reach the surface.

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